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56 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Dear Bernard,

    You sound like a fun person to have in school! Are you available for book week at all? I work in a school in Newcastle-U-Lyme.



  2. Hi Bernard, it’s me, James. You will remember me for writing that ‘lovely’ poem of thanks at Oldfield School, Chester. Please feel free to publish it (tell me if you do), and you can e-mail my dad @ I hope you answer soon! PS:- It was great to have you come to our school.


  3. Hi Bernard

    Its Year 4 here at Oldfield Primary School. We had a fantastic day with you and we have just been reading your post about us on the website. James is very happy to be famous since you posted his poem! We now have a lovely display of the poetry you inspired in our classroom!

    We hope to read some more of your poetry very soon!

    From Snow White and the 31 dwarves!


  4. Hi Bernard its Maisie from y4 in Oldfield primary school here. As you heard that James Read is very happy to be famous thanks for helping me with my poem about cats.It is now up on y4’s wall and everyone loves it because you helped me and now I am writing loads of poems about you .

    from Maisie Olivia Lawson


  5. hi Bernard

    it was nice of you to come to are school.
    you inspired me to do one of my very own.
    you are a very great poet as James said.

    from ben leake y4 oldfield 


  6. Hi Bernrd

    It was great having you around in our school on world book day you inspired me to write my own peom.

    i hope to hear and read more peoms off yours!!!!

    From Emily T

    p.s year 4 at oldfield primary school!!!!!

    please reply!!!


  7. hi bernard its Rebecca from oldfield pirmey school year 4 we all loved you comeing to are school and are class has a display about are poems you did with us we all had a lovely day with you


  8. hi bernard its me!! jemma from year 4 at oldfield i really like your stay at my school maybe when i am grow up ill be a poet 🙂 . !!!


  9. This is my poem called play football

    Play football on monday your have a run all day.
    Play football on tuesday your be on the news all day.
    Play football on wednesday your make friends on that day.
    Play football on thursday the nurse will make you better on the next day.
    Play football on friday your get to have a tie all day
    Play football on saturday your have a splatter day.
    Play football on sunday your have a fun day.

    So play football on the best days of the week.


  10. Iv’e made another poem called days of the week.

    Monday runday
    Tuesday snooze day
    Wednesday friends day
    Thursday grurs day
    Friday tie day
    Saturday splatter day
    Sunday bun day.


      • hi bernard i havent wrote in a while, i am in year 5 now !!!! i was soo happy at the end of year 4 because i got my poem about the wobbly tooth back (do u remember me reading it in assembly) wobbly tooth:

        wobbly tooth in my jaw,ouch that hurt now its gone sore.

        told my mum she said it was tooth-ache,she also said i am not aloud cake.

        i was sad,mum said are you ok honey,its not a bad thing you will get money

        i started to grin i started to smile mum said it would come out in a while.#

        i bit into an apple i shouted “ouch”,then i took a look my tooth had come out!!!!

        do u remember me know plzzz anser
        Emily Roberts


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